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Russian Foundation
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In cooperation with:

Institute of Computing
for Physics and Technology

The Institute of
Computational Mathematics
and Mathematical Geophysics,

Fraunhofer Institute for Media Communications

Institute of Automation and Electrometry, SB RAS

Institute of Informatics
Systems, SB RAS

Institute of Applied
Mathematics, RAS

Ugra Research Institute of Information Technologies

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Virtual Environment on a PC Cluster Workshop


Sponsored by Russian Foundation for Basic Research

in cooperation with

  • Institute of Computing for Physics and Technology, Russia;
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Media Communications, Germany;
  • Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics, SB RAS, Russia;
  • Institute of Automation and Electrometry, SB RAS,Russia;
  • Institute of Applied Mathematics, RAS, Russia;
  • Ugra Research Institute of Information Technologies, Russia;
  • Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University), Russia;
  • Service Plus Inc., Russia;
  • NIX Computer Company, Ltd., Russia;
  • HZIEE, Hangzhou, China;
  • Tamkang University (Taiwan)


Novosibirsk, Russia July 5, 2006
Altay Mountain Resort, Russia July 6-12, 2006

Conference web site: http://ccfit.nsu.ru/graphicon2006/veonpc
Contact persons: Stanislav Klimenko klimenko@sim.ol.ru
     Victor Debelov debelov@oapmg.sscc.ru
Address for submissions: VEonPC@oapmg.sscc.ru


VEonPC 2006 is an International Workshop on research and development and application of Virtual Environment systems based on a PC cluster. The main purpose of the workshop is the discussion, information and opinions exchange on development and use of such systems. Previous workshops are held in Europe and China, this is the first time to be held in Siberia.

The workshop structure this year includes two parts: the first part will be held in Novosibirsk, as affiliation of GraphiCon'2006 http://ccfit.nsu.ru/graphicon2006/ and the second one including panels and round-tables will be held in Altai Mountain Resort http://www.kokstravel.ru/content/catalog/foto_areda1.php


The scope of the workshop includes, but is not limited to, the following major topics:

1. Hardware and equipment for VE
Reality centers; caves; low-cost systems based on personal computers; tracking

2. Software for VE
Avango; transfer of the software to Linux; graphics algorithms; import interfaces for VE and CAD systems

3. Applications of VE

    Natural Science
    space research and space monitoring, geophysics, geochemistry, seismology, environmental research and climate studies

    VR-assisted surgery; educational tools; organs models; tele-medicine; clinical assessment & diagnostics; tele surgery; training & performance assessment; simulators

    Virtual prototyping; engineering design; maintenance; project reviews; collaborative work; VR industrial applications; VR in automatic industry; Mechanical simulation; CAD; GIS

    Cooperative work; CVE (Collaborative Virtual Environment); experimentation; VE eLearning systems

    Game and entertainment
    game design, game engine, mobile game, networked game

    virtual theater; VR & cinema; interactive art

    Cognition; cognitive modeling; interaction; ubiquity; adaptation; learning; therapy

    Avatars; web 3D interaction; ASP Linux

    VR around the world
    VR state of the art in different countries; international research programs
We welcome proposals for presentations.

The program of each session will be composed of:
- A 45 minutes keynote presentation given by the invited speaker,
- 30 minutes scientific talks selected by the international program committee,
- Poster presentations, which will also be included in the conference proceedings.
The conference languages are both English and Russian with simultaneous translation.


Submission deadline => June 15, 2006
Notification of acceptance => June 20, 2006
Delivery of full papers => June 30, 2006


Conference proceedings, in English, (including all accepted papers) will be published and will be available for the delegates in printed form after the workshop in nearest time.


The workshop registration fee for all presenters and participants will be $350 USA. Registration includes proceedings, traveling Novosibirsk-Altai and back (by bus), living expencies and food at the resort.


The Workshop Committee offers prospective authors to send a full paper by e-mail. All submissions must be written in English, starting with a succinct statement of the problem, the results achieved, their significance and a comparison with previous work. The submission should also include: title of proposed paper, authors names, affiliations, addresses, name of author to contact for correspondence, e-mail address, telephone and fax number of contact author, topics which best describe the paper (max. 5 keywords).

Full papers: 5000 words.

All papers will be reviewed by an international program committee (its will be processed electronically).
A paper should be submitted in GraphiCon'2006 submission rules.


Workshop Committee Co-Chairs:
  • Stanislav Klimenko (Russia)
  • Victor Debelov (Russia)
  • Martin Reiser (Germany)

Workshop Committee Members:
  • Vladimir Aleshin (Russia),
  • Valery Afanasiev (Russia),
  • Boris Dolgovesov (Russia),
  • Maxim Foursa (Germany),
  • Leonid Kuligin (Russia),
  • Anton Lipatov (Russia),
  • Pavel Rabinovich (Russia),
  • Anna Rozova (Russia),
  • Alexander Serebrov (Russia),
  • Eugene Slobodyuk (Russia)

International Program Committee (IPC)

IPC Chair: Stanislav Klimenko (Russia)

  • Yuri Baturin (Russia),
  • Dieter Fellner (Germany),
  • Andre Gagalowicz (France),
  • Vladimir Galaktionov (Russia),
  • Michael Gurevich (Russia),
  • Wolfgang Heiden (Germany),
  • Denis Ivanov (Russia),
  • Maxim Kazakov (Japan),
  • Konstantin Larionov (Russia),
  • Leonid Mestetskiy (Russia),
  • Michael Mikhailyuk (Russia),
  • Igor Nikitin (Germany),
  • Sergey Rotkov (Russia),
  • Benjamin Schaeffer (USA),
  • Alexei Sourin (Singapore),
  • Eduard Talnykine (USA),
  • Dmitri Vatolin (Russia),
  • Dmitry Yurin (Russia),
  • Wasil Urazmetov (Russia)

International Advisory Board (IAB):
  • Alexander Afanasiev (Russia),
  • David Arnold (UK),
  • Manfred Bogen (Germany),
  • Alexander Bugaev (Russia),
  • Gennady Erokhin (Russia),
  • Anatoly Fomenko (Russia),
  • Martin Goebel (Germany),
  • Boris Groth (Germany),
  • Hans Hagen (Germany),
  • Andres Iglesias (Spain),
  • Geoffrey Knauth (USA),
  • Bill Lorensen (USA),
  • Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann (Switzerland),
  • Gregory Nielson (USA),
  • Vladimir Nifontov (Russia),
  • Timour Paltashev (USA),
  • Jhigeng Pan (China),
  • Vladimir Pavlov (Russia),
  • Vladimir Petrukhin (Ukraine),
  • Dimitri Plemenos (France),
  • Adam Richter (USA),
  • Alexei Romanov (Russia),
  • John Lynn Roseman (Russia),
  • Slava Rubaev (Russia),
  • Yuri Saigin (Russia),
  • Vladimir Savchenko (Japan),
  • Jiao Ying Shi (China),
  • Timothy K. Shih (Taiwan),
  • Seah Hock Soon (Singapore),
  • Vaclav Skala (Czech Republic),
  • Yuri Smetanin (Russia),
  • Wolgang Strasser (Germany),
  • Daniel Thalmann (Switzerland),
  • Alexander Tomilin (Russia)

Altay. Areda campus. Photos (Thanks to Natalia Podoinikova)

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Down the river Katun


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Down the river Katun



Through a window


Clouds in a mountain




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Camp fire

Near a nunnery

Near a nunnery


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